Computer Graphics using WebGL

Wow, it’s been almost a year. But in my defense, I took on too many projects, and had no spare time this past year. I taught a class in Computer Graphics, using WebGL at Nova Southeastern University. Since I work full-time at Hotelplanner during the week, most of my weekend was spent preparing for classes, and grading assignments. It was quite the learning experience, but not one I’d choose to repeat. I enjoy programming 100 times more than I enjoy teaching. But still, it was motivation to become immersed in WebGL and learn more than I ever would have casually with the three.js libraries and javascript. Creating graphics is rewarding in and of itself.  And being able to say I was an adjunct professor helps me remember what a bad-ass I actually am!

So here it is, my first totally free weekend in a very long time. No duties or obligations forcing the path ahead. I feel torn in several directions. I’d love to create something in VR. I’d love to create some 3D models in three.js and Maya or Autodesk. I’d love to dabble in some AI tech. I’d love to revamp my aging apps that are in desperate need of updating to remain current. I’d love to develop some server skills so I can have some cool things on the web. So many exciting tangential things to all of these. It’s difficult to decide where to go. And most of it involves deciding on new platforms and new languages or frameworks to learn. All of which takes time.

New stuff is always more fun than old stuff. But I probably will at least update my RhythmID app since its my oldest and most popular.

I just signed up for the Safari Books Online update. I think it’s a really great deal at $199 a year and unlimited access. What a world we live in, where so much information is available!