Unity and Vive!

Ahh, I am having so much fun with Vive! I can now create little games and animations in Unity and view and control them with my Vive VR. I can take 360 photos and teleport around to different scenes made from these photos in Vive. This is so much cooler than plain old 3D modeling.



June 4, 2018

WWDC! I love this time of year. All the dev conferences, but especially this one! And the pool and ocean get warm and inviting, but for the most part, it’s nice to just program and look at the beauty of our hot, humid summers from indoors.

I have just updated my Estimate maker app with a few minor enhancements, but mostly to implement an uncaught exception handler. I have big plans for this app once I’m sure it’s stable. I have one field report that I cannot duplicate and do not have a sense of how common it is.  Now that I have the error handling framework, I will put it in all my apps.

I am also enjoying Udemy courses, of which I bought an embarrassing number of during a sale they had a few months back. I’m getting proficient with Unity, and have the beginnings of a good VR game in my head.

The difficult part, as usual, is not to go off in too many directions. The Estimate app is doing well without any promotion on my part, so I think it warrants enhancing. But I am going to spend a lot of time with VR this year.

Live long and prosper!


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